The Endless Benefits of a Corporate Gym Membership

Posted on October 10, 2017

Corporate Gym Membership

Most people spend more hours at work than anywhere else, not to mention the enormous amount of time spent just commuting to work! It’s easy to see why maintaining a healthy work/life balance is becoming increasingly important.

To remedy this, many companies are participating in Corporate Wellness Programs centered around the health and wellbeing of their employees. Why? Because health and fitness conscious employees tend to be more productive and happier. And that’s good for business, on so many levels. Unfortunately, many of these wellness programs ignore the fitness component altogether.

Corporate Gym Memberships provide that crucial missing piece.

Getting the Most Out of your Corporate Gym Membership

Unparalleled Health Advantages

When corporate gym memberships become a part of your company’s wellness program, your employees will have the opportunity to improve their overall health and wellness by incorporating fitness training into their lifestyles.

Studies have shown that when people are active, they are generally healthier, livelier and happier. And when employees have more energy and are feeling upbeat, it becomes contagious. And by the way, healthy employees take less sick days. Win-win!

Corporate Gym Membership

Heightened Camaraderie

Sometimes, it’s good to get away from the monotony of the workplace and get to know your coworkers in a completely different environment. Encouraging your employees to join a fitness center as a cohesive unit also tends to boost office morale.

While happy hours are fun, supporting your employees’ gym membership will reap both social and physical benefits. To encourage your employees to participate, you can offer gift cards or special privileges for reaching targeted goals. After all, it’s healthy to have a little friendly competition every once in a while!

Corporate Gym Membership

Cost Effectiveness to your Company

A corporate wellness program that includes a fitness component will result in fewer sick days and increased productivity. Healthy employees can even result in lower healthcare expenses for both the employee and the employer.

Corporate Gym Membership

What Omni Fitness Center has to Offer your Company and its Employees

  • A wellness program personally designed to fit your company’s requirements
  • Discounted group membership rates
  • Company subsidized memberships (fully or partial)
  • Free Personal Training session for all new members
  • Free Health Coaching session for all new members
  • Workshops at your place or ours (Kick the Sugar Habit, Managing Stress in the Workplace, etc.)

A Corporate Gym Membership is a great way to help your employees improve their health, fitness, efficiency and productivity. And since it works out so well for both the employee and the employer, what’s not to love?

Get Fit with a Corporate Program

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