How to Execute Seated Cable Rows the Right Way

Posted on July 26, 2016

Seated Cable Rows

Seated cable rows are one of the very first excercises you should learn when getting started in the gym. Luckily, Trainer Joe Gazio made a video to show you exactly how it's done.

Instructional Video: Seated Cable Rows


Sit slightly forward on seat or bench in order to grasp cable attachment. Place feet shoulder width apart on the vertical platform. Slide hips back positioning knees with slight bend.


Pull cable attachment to waist while straightening lower back. Pull shoulders back and push chest forward while arching back. Return until arms are extended, shoulders are stretched forward, and lower back is flexed forward. Repeat.

Begin with light weight and add additional weight gradually to allow lower back adequate adaptation. Do not pause or bounce at bottom of lift. Do not lower weight beyond mild stretch. Full range of motion through lower back will vary from person to person.

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